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The Eliese Research Easy Towel is a soft, slender, cotton terry cloth towel 5 1/2" wide x 43" long with a 1" x 17" terry cloth looped strap on each end. Designed for persons with limited mobility, the Easy Towel can be used as a washing cloth or a drying towel. Constructed with strong nylon thread, the sturdy terry cloth straps allow the towel to be held at a distance so the user can reach the leg, feet, groin, and back areas without assistance. An added benefit - using the towel in this way provides the user with a simple form of upper body exercise.

The Easy Towel can be used for body support by rolling it into a ball and stuffing the straps into the center of the roll, which holds the Easy Towel in the ball shape so it can be placed under the neck, arm, knee, etc. Put a dry Easy Towel in the microwave or freezer for a few minutes beforehand and you have an instant hot or cold pack.

The Easy Towel can also be used to hold accessories. Drape a dry Easy Towel around the back of the neck with the handles in front and fasten drainage bulbs to the handles. This makes for quick and easy mobility. Drape the Easy Towel over one shoulder, the towel "Xing" across the body and slip one handle through the other handle at the side. The handle then becomes a strong holder for larger containers and collectors. This also creates a soft, wide footprint across the shoulder, helping to distribute the weight evenly.

Made of 100% cotton terry cloth material and constructed with 100% nylon thread, the Easy Towel can be machine washed and dried and still holds its shape and strength. The Eliese Research Easy Towel comes in one size and white only.

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