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Drain Sling U


  Post-Surgical Drainage Collector Support Sling

US patent #7,927,311

The Eliese Research Drain Sling-U is a patented, lightweight, soft, comfortable sling with loops on each end that have medical-grade Velcro© closures which hold 8 or more JP drains or other fluid drainage collection reservoirs. Since 2006, it is the standard-of-care in drain management in the breast department at M.D. Anderson Cancer Center in Houston, Texas. It is accepted by Medicare and insurance, increases surgeon, nursing and patient satisfaction and is a simple, effective take-home product for continued drainage support.

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How does the Drain Sling-U increase nursing satisfaction?

·       Organizes drains and tubes for quick accessibility with a pin-free, tape-free system

·       Unique numbering system for instant recognition

·       Eliminates tube tangling and line stress

·       Prevents migration of tube insertion

·       Eliminates excessive labor tracing multiple lines

·       Encourages patient mobility and independence

·       Medical grade Velcro© prevents fallout and deterioration decreasing chance of infection

How does the Drain Sling-U increase surgeon satisfaction?

·       Eliminates potential accidental tube removal and/or migration

·       Organization and instant recognition essential to accurate I & O’s increasing patient recovery

·       Wide footprint protects fragile vessels under pressure

·       Patient recognition of surgeon-ordered “comfort” item

How does the Drain Sling-U increase patient satisfaction?

·       Easy way to manage multiple drains

·       Adjustable straps accommodates all ages, sizes, body types and surgical sites and can be worn several ways depending on patient preference

·       Separate-able straps safely provide comfortable drain management at rest and with ambulation

·       Accessible, reliable drain monitoring creates less patient disturbance

·       Safely promotes patient independence and mobility

·       Take-home product for continued drain support

·       Paid by Medicare and insurance

·       Increases patient privacy and dignity


How does the Drain Sling-U work?

As many as 8 drains are attached to the Drain Sling-U by slipping a Velcro© closure through the plastic tab of a drain then pressing to close. Once securely fastened, the medical-grade Velcro© closures provide durable, dependable strength for the heaviest drains and the molded design prevents fallout and deterioration with each use. More drains may be secured to the bottom of each loop if needed. This pin-free application allows for faster monitoring and eliminates the potential for accident while the tape-free feature protects the skin eliminating potential allergic reaction.

The drains are numbered directly on the Velcro© closure to correspond with the nurse’s chart or record keeping system. This innovative method eliminates continued tracing of lines saving nursing time and labor, creates less disturbance for patients and assures accurate monitoring of Intake and Output which is essential to patient recovery, therefore assuring surgeon satisfaction.  Accurate identification reduces the potential for accidental removal while elimination of line tangling and stress prevents migration of tube insertion.

The Drain Sling-U’s straps may be separated and adjusted for length (55” to 71”) anywhere along the Velcro© closures. This unique feature accommodates all patient sizes, ages, body-types and all surgical sites. For comfort, depending on the patient’s preference, the Drain Sling-U can be worn around the back of the patient’s neck in and upside-down “U” fashion with the drains adjacent to the body, or draped over one shoulder “X-ing” across the body or adjusted and worn around the waist. The soft, wide footprint is not only comfortable for the patient but it protects fragile vessels under the pressure of multiple heavy drains during ambulation.

For comfort while the patient is at rest, the two adjustable straps can be separated, with the drains still attached and easily accessible, and placed on either side of the patient to relieve pressure. For ambulation, the two straps can then be quickly and easily re-attached, safely supporting the heaviest of drains and encouraging patient mobility and independence.

 Clean Package Promise:

After construction, each Drain Sling-U is machine washed in a detergent free of perfumes and dyes with disinfecting bleach, machine dried, handled with clean gloves on a clean surface and immediately packaged and sealed. Although we understand that sterilization is not required, we take this extra special step in our products to help protect those who may have compromised immune systems.

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