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Drain Pouch


           Post-Operative, In-Home Management of Multiple Drains

     Soft, strong, 100% polyester pouch with Velcro© closure, holds up to 6 drainage collectors, tubes and accessories for instant mobility, on-the-go privacy and hands-free bathing.










The Eliese Research Drain Pouch is a soft, 100% polyester mesh pouch that was designed to help manage multiple drains at home during recovery from mastectomy, reconstruction or breast augmentation. It will hold up to 6 drains (called JP or Jackson Pratt drains), tubes and other accessories.  


Post-Operative Drains:

Anyone who has experienced coming home from surgery with multiple drains will attest to the fact that drains are awkward, annoying, sometimes painful and very difficult to manage by yourself.  Some hospitals send a patient home with JP drains safety-pinned to clothing or taped to sensitive skin. When you remove your clothes or wraps, the drains dangle from long tubes that are sutured (stitched) directly to your skin. Accidentally dropping a drain is not only painful, but could result in breaking the suture, pulling loose or coming out all together - possibly sending the patient back into surgery! Ouch.  


How the Drain Pouch Helps:

The Drain Pouch was designed from a caregiver perspective to give the patient instant freedom of movement, mobility and independence. It is soft enough to be worn against sensitive skin and yet strong enough to carry the heaviest drains as well as tubes and accessories - a feature other drain management products don't have. The Drain Pouch is made of 100% polyester material which naturally resists mildew, repels water and dries quickly so it can be worn in the shower or bath, patted dry with a towel and then worn immediately even under clothing - invaluable for follow-up visits to the doctor's office. There's nothing like the Drain Pouch's versatility!  


Other Drain Pouch Features:

Thanks to the strong, adjustable strap, the Drain Pouch can be worn around the neck, it can be extended from 30" to 60" and worn over one shoulder "X-ing" across the body or even worn around the waist to accommodate drains from the upper or lower parts of the body. The strong center Velcro© closure keeps the contents of the Drain Pouch securely inside even while bending. The Drain Pouch also excels in durability. It can be hand washed and patted dry with a towel or machine washed and dried and will continue to hold its shape and strength after multiple washings.

Although there's a multitude of information and a few other products on the web about managing post-operative drains, the Eliese Research Drain Pouch is the first of its kind to successfully and easily handle a patient's multiple and varied needs in dealing with drains at home, on a day to day basis.


Personal Experience from Eliese Research's owner:

While beeing a caregiver for my sister-in-law, Candace, during her recovery from a double mastectomy, I experienced, first hand, the awkwardness of helping her balance four jp drains at once as she undressed, showered, towel dried, dressed, monitored and cleaned the drains, visited the doctor's office and went about the business of healing.

Seeing how painful, awkward and time consuming the whole process was, I designed and stitched together a small pouch to make things easier and it turned out to be her best friend for three solid months as she went through multiple surgeries and a long and difficult recovery. To this day, she says that bag was the best thing that happened to her and doesn't know how she would have made it without it!"                                                                                                 Debbie Bachelder


Drain Pouch Features:


Clean-Package PackagePromise

Although we realize we're not required by law to clean the Drain Pouch, we want to provide our customers with the best possible product for their recovery so we wash each Drain Pouch in a detergent free of perfumes and dyes, dry and then immediately package every Drain Pouch for your convenience and continued good health!                                                    

As always, use caution around children. The Drain Pouch is not a toy.

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